Black Flapper Costume Gloves


You’ll be the bees knees in a pair of Black Flapper Costume Gloves. It’s the hottest way to Lindy Hop into the the roaring 20s.

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Everyone needs a good pair of snazzy looking gloves to class up their outfit. You may think that your wardrobe is already plenty classy, but maybe you just haven’t found the right gloves yet! If that’s the case, you could do one of two things: you can keep wearing your fancy threads without gloves, which is perfectly cool, but then you’d never know how amazing you and your costume would look with a pair of sassy mitts.Your other option (which is way more exciting) is to just jump in and get our exclusive Black Flapper Costume Gloves for your outfit! We’ve designed these satin elbow length arm covers to look just like the kind those classy flapper gals wore back in the Twenties, so you know they’re the bee’s knees! They go with many other styles of retro and modern formal costumes, too, so no matter what type of getup you’re wearing, these gloves will make you look like the cat’s pajamas!

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