Fierce Feline Costume


You’ll purrr like a kitten once you’ve seen this Fierce Feline Costume. Show the big bat why being naughty never felt so good. Meow, baby!

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A Life of CrimeWhat makes a good girl go into a life of crime? Maybe it’s the take no prisoners kind of attitude that she gets to adopt. Maybe it’s because she gets to break the rules and live by the beat of her own drum. Maybe it’s the fact that the boy scout superhero can never resist chasing after her. Maybe it’s just because she gets to wear a seductive costume while she does whatever she wants!Product DetailsThis Fierce Feline Costume brings the sultry allure of the villain lifestyle to you. With a sexy bodycon style fit and zipper in the front, you can choose how villainous you plan to look. The cat ear headband and domino mask both allow you to look like the cat burglar that comic book heroes will chase after night after night. And the belt finishes the look, so you can begin plotting big heists in your city! It’s time for you to break bad!

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