Dr. Seuss Grinch Toddler Open Face Costume


Does your toddler love the Grinch? Dress them up for the holiday in this exclusive Dr. Seuss Grinch Toddler Open Face Costume! Perfect to wear for Halloween too!

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Works in a cinchYour family is pretty great at celebrating the holiday season, for the most part. You usually get all the Christmas cards sent out before the main event. You all enjoy playing music while wrapping lights around the tree. And no one ever says no to a cup of hot cocoa during the first snowfall. But the youngest member sometimes struggles. There’s so much going on. And sometimes he just doesn’t nap due to all the noise! noise! noise! Yes, it’s hard to admit but your darling kiddo can sometimes be a bit of a Grinch. But that’s all right, no need to fret. What you need to do is lean into their Grinchy side. Anyone who knows a toddler knows that there’s no coaxing them into an angelic costume or cheery elf outfit if they aren’t in the mood. Instead, get a grin out of your little Grinch by letting them flaunt their furry, green side!Design & DetailsThis furry green suit is a lot of fun to slip into. It secures up the back with strips of hook and loop fastener so that you don’t have to struggle with any zipper and shaggy fur tangles. The headpiece slips over the top of the head and has a generous hole for the face and a cute tuft of green hair at the very top. Complete with shaggy gloves, your kiddo is sure to enjoy celebrating the holiday their way! Grinning in GreenIf your child is a little overwhelmed with the season, dressing up as the Grinch will get a grin from everyone, including the Grinch himself! Complete this Made by Us costume with green makeup and pair it with one of our adorable Christmas Girl costumes. No sad elves or bad Santas for the family photo this Christmas. Nope, this year the Grinch is coming. Worst comes to worst, your little one will simply be in character. Those photos are going to be good!

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