Disney Lilo and Stitch Lilo Headband & Cuffs Kit


Your costume would not be complete this Halloween season without this Lilo and Stitch Lilo Headband & Cuffs Kit. This accessory kit includes the green cuffs for her wrists and headband.

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Aloha, HalloweenEver since your child saw Lilo & Stitch, they have dreamt of a trip to Hawaii. Sure, who doesn’t? But they don’t want to go as a tourist, they want to become Lilo, and run about the island with their best friend, Stitch! While you may not be able to make their ultimate dream come true by October, you can help them wear this Lilo Headband & Cuffs Kit! It’s a cute way for your kid to recreate the beginning of the film, where Lilo is learning the hula (and causing some mischief!). In it, your child can imagine they are right in the land of aloha, and maybe they’ll even pick up a few hula moves in time for Halloween!Now, they’ll just need a Stitch by their side. Maybe it’s time your family took a trip to the local animal shelter. Or…grab a Stitch stuffy or coordinate a costume with a neighbor for a complete look!Design & DetailsThis two-piece kit comes with matching leaf cuffs and a headband. Both slip on for an easy-to-wear accessory that packs a big island punch. Pair it with a Lilo costume and watch your child’s smile widen this Halloween! 

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