Discount Vampire Fang Teeth


Get ready to take a bite out of your next victim! These Discount Vampire Teeth are the most affordable way to drain your prey of their blood! You vant to suck their blooood!

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So you vant to suck some blood, huh? Well, you do seem to have the cape, and the proper pale complexion. You hail from the drab, and dreary land of Transylvania. The castle you used to call home was destroyed by angry mobs who didn’t like when someone tried to drain them of their blood. And you would have successfully done it too, if it weren’t for your lack of pointy teeth!What is a vampire to do? Well, you can get these Vampire Teeth with just a few clicks of your mouse, and a valid credit card. You do have one of those don’t you? We always have to check with hundreds of years old vampires. You will be able to suck the blood of anyone you can catch with these bad boys. Just please don’t suck ours…we are friends, aren’t we?