Deluxe Red Velvet Santa Costume Hat


Complete your Santa Claus costume with this Deluxe Velvet Santa Costume Hat! This hat will have you feeling the joy of Christmas all season long!

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Santa, Baby…Slip a sleighbell under the tree, for us. Please? Pretty please? We need a sleighbell for our collection. You see, no one is taking us seriously when we tell them that we’re the biggest Santa fans. We’ve shown them our huge collection of Santa movies, our stack of Christmas cookie recipes, the giant pile of jolly little ornaments, and of course our pristine Santa costume. We’re on our way to becoming top fans and a sleighbell is absolutely necessary.If you love Santa and Christmas as much as we do, then maybe you want to join our Santa fan base. The best place to begin is by getting yourself one of these Deluxe Velvet Santa Hats. This red-and-white beauty is made of red velvet with plush white trim and a fluffy white pom on the top of the hat. Heck, even if you didn’t want to be part of the Santa fandom, this hat is just a great hat to have. Who knows when you’ll need a pointed red hat. This festive and fuzzy hat perfect for elves, Santalings, Santa fans, Christmas fans, and maybe even a Mrs. Claus. So you enjoy it. And, if you decide that you do want to take your Santa collection to the next level, give us a call…

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