Snake Eyes Movie Costume for Adults


Disguise yourself in this Snake Eyes Movie Adult Costume this Halloween season. This costume includes a jumpsuit with muscle torso and arms, belt, and fabric hood with visor.

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Armed and ReadySneaking through the city is not as easy as it sounds. There are always people around, which means plenty of chances to be seen. There are tons of cameras today too, which means that any number of ultra-secret, world-spanning secret societies could be watching you at any given time. But you didn’t become a world-famous super ninja by not being sneaky!Sliding over rooftops, slinking through alleys, and dodging anyone following you comes as naturally as breathing. The key, you have found, is to be able to blend in with any group at any given time. That is why carrying a bag of equipment is a must for any ninja! You need to have a tuxedo ready to go, as well as armor, tools, and weapons, so that you will be ready to step up to any challenge! Shark attack? Whip out that shark-repellant Snake Eyes spray. Clown attack? Bring them down with your air-to-land Penguin missiles. That is what separates the professionals from the amateurs.Armored and Stylin’That is why we have created this armored, yet formal, version of Snake Eye’s suit. This jumpsuit zips up the back for a secure fit, and the foam armor pieces are enough to absorb tiny impacts. The best part is that this works as well in the field as it does at a formal event! Looking stylish without sacrificing protection will give you that edge you need to take you to the top!Ninjat-suitIf you are looking for the perfect Snake Eye’s Movie Adult Costume, then look no further! This Snake Eye’s costume will be the perfect way to enhance your skills while keeping your identity a secret. No one will be able to match your skills or your style when you show up in this!

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