Child Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Pick Me Up Costume


Put a funny spin on your kid’s costume this year with this Child Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Pick Me Up Costume that features an inflated sumo wrestler that is carrying the costume wearer.

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Lift from a YokozunaSumo wrestlers are strong! Don’t let their outward appearance fool you, since many of them can bench more weight than the average muscle-man in the gym! In that ancient art of sumo wrestling, wrestlers are expected to push another fighter out of the ring… which sometimes means pushing an opponent that’s often over 300 pounds. Lifting the average kid would be a simple feat for those strong athletes! Of course, most sumo wrestlers are too busy training to spend the carry carrying around your kid for their next costume party. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to get a real Yokuzuna to give you a lift around the town?That’s where this Inflatable Child Sumo Wrestler Pick Me Up Costumes comes into play! It makes it look like your child is a getting lifted by one of those iconic Japanese wrestlers!Product DetailsThis child costume comes with a simple jumpsuit made out of windbreaker material. It fits with a zipper in the back and features elastic bands in the wrists and ankles to help keep the costume inflated. Of course, this costume comes with a handy fan, which is attached to the back of the jumpsuit. With the simple press of a button, the fan inflates the costume within a few minutes. When fully inflated, the costume creates the illusion that your child is being carried by one angry sumo wrestler! Their legs fit through the sumo wrestler’s “legs” while your child’s arms fit through the “arms” of the child being carried. The fan does require 4 AA batteries (not included) to operate, so make sure you grab a few from the local hardware store!Standing Out White Getting a LiftIf your child is looking for a funny and unique look for the next costume party, then this inflatable costume is the way to go! The simple design and the inflatable functionality create a look that will truly stand out.

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