Racy Referee Women’s Costume


You will be cracking down on rules and giving penalties to anyone who dares question your calls in this exclusive Racy Referee Women’s Costume.

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Callin’ the ShotsYou are known throughout your crew as the lady in charge. You make all the best plans, pick all the best restaurants, help mediate bickering pals, and tend to call the shots! It should come as no surprise, then, that an in-charge gal such as yourself would be picked to judge the costume competition at your friend’s huge Halloween blowout bash. And yes, you could go in jeans and a tee, but what kind of costume expert would you be, then? No, for this occasion, you will need something classic, something commanding, something totally in-charge—something like this Racy Referee Women’s Costume!This is a fun spin on a classic ref outfit and will look fierce as you carefully weigh each participant’s look and deliver your decisions. It speaks to your cool, calm, and collected attitude, and who knows, you may just win the competition yourself (Is that legal play? Better consult the official rulebook)!Design & DetailsThis ensemble’s black and white vertical stripes make you look like a total boss! Made by Us with careful detailing, the top is fitted and has sporty, coordinated colorblocking on the shoulders. The black, high-waisted shorts feature a white stripe down the outer seams, and the black hat will keep your hair neatly in place (and the lights out of your eyes so you can fully take in each costume). You’ll even get a yellow flag to wave when you see a total costume foul (i.e. a perfectly good costume without the proper footwear). Speaking of footwear, make sure you pick up a pair of sporty flats or fierce booties to complete your look!Good Call We think this costume you picked was an excellent decision—no one could argue with it! Just remember to judge fairly and play by the rules, it can be hard when you look this good.    

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