Chewbacca Squeaker Toy for Dogs


Your dog will love to play and chew on this adorable Chewbacca Squeaker Dog Toy. A must have for any pet owner who is a super fan of Star Wars and whose favorite character is Chewie!

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The Perfect Chewy ToyYou’ve been a fan of the Star Wars franchise for about as long as you can remember. We think it’s time you introduce someone else in the family to this Science Fiction sensation. We’re sure the children in your family would love it but you know who else would? Your furry four-legged friend! That’s right, now you can make your dog into a Star Wars nerd. Yes, dreams really do come true. Grab this Chewbacca Squeaker Dog Toy and your dog will begin its lifelong love affair with this amazing fictional universe. Chewbacca is one of the most beloved characters in the world of Star Wars. He was friends with not only Han, Luke, and Leia, but even with Master Yoda. Chewy has been in 7 of the full-length films and has seen more adventure than most Wookies do in a lifetime (and their lifetime is a lot longer ours). Now everyone’s favorite furry alien will be side by side with your favorite furball. He’ll be the perfect chew toy for your pup. They don’t call him “Chewy” for nothing! Check out all the other Dog Toys we have available and make your doggo an even bigger nerd than you.

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