Cheerleader Pom Pom & Megaphone – Black


Show your spirit with this Black Cheerleader Pom Pom & Megaphone Set. Perfect for combining with that old high school cheerleading uniform, or for pairing with a different cheerleading costume. And remember, loudest cheerer gets the most candy!

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A Spirited GreetingDo you know what teen spirit smells like? We’ve heard it smells like bubblegum and Axe Body Spray. Then again, other people have told us that it smells like beef and cheese burritos with undertones of freshly cut grass. Maybe teen spirit simply smells differently to every person, depending on how you spent your teenage years, perhaps. No matter what teen spirit smells like to you, it’s time to celebrate it with this fashionable yet grunge-worthy pompom and megaphone set!Product DetailsFinish off any cheerleader costume with a flourish when you add these black pom poms and the megaphone that announces, “Go team!”. The megaphone is just over half-a-foot long so you can be sure that it’ll stand out from your costume’s look. Spread the Cheer or the FearWith a black and silver color scheme, you can pair this with a scary cheerleader costume or simply rock on with a fashionable cheerleader look. Now all you have to do is figure out a couple macabre cheers! Maybe you could reinvent “booing” to have more to do with cheering on the Gainsville Ghosts rather than bringing the other people down. That’s just the kind of talent Halloween cheerleaders need!

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