Jay and Silent Bob Buddy Christ Jesus Ugly Christmas Sweater


Who better to spend Christmas with than the loveable Buddy Christ?! Get this Jay and Silent Bob Buddy Christ Ugly Sweater and spread some hilarious holiday cheer this year!

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Got Christ?Let’s face it. Jesus needs an updated PR campaign if he wants to reach the youth. The blood, torture, and crucifixions may have been a huge hit centuries ago, but these days… well, the kids want their messiah to be a little friendlier. They want a Jesus that will grab a beer with them after work. They want a Jesus who’ll watch movies with them on their couch all day. They want a Jesus who won’t judge them for ordering a pizza twice in one day. They want a Buddy Christ.Design & DetailsSometimes, you just have to give the masses what they want! This Jay and Silent Bob Buddy Christ Ugly Sweater brings you the friendly religious figure in a piece of apparel that you can wear all year round. It’s officially licensed from the Kevin Smith films. Buddy Christ appears on the front as a knit-in, and he’s giving you an approving thumbs up, because Buddy Christ is totally non-judgemental. As a bonus, it also has Mooby the Golden Calf logos on it. (We hear the kids like Mooby, so we’re trying to associate Jesus with Mooby for some extra positive publicity.) You can wear it if you’re a Jay and Silent Bob fan… or if you just want to confuse your grandma at the next family Christmas party.

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