Adult Fortune Teller Socks


It is as the stars have foretold and they say you’re going to love these super cute Adult Fortune Teller Socks! These adorable socks would be perfect to wear with your fortune teller or witch costume.

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See into the Future Have you heard about the clairvoyant at the circus? She’s amazing! She knows what’s going to happen even before it happens, from Super Bowl wins to which celebrity is going to try to start their own reality TV show next. It makes you wonder how she gets her incredible powers? She claims it’s all due to her lucky socks, but that can’t be true. Product DetailsWe can see your future: You’re going to love wearing these Fortune Teller Socks for Adults! The unisex socks are made from a delightfully soft blend of combed cotton, nylon and spandex to keep you comfortable all day long. Double terry in the heels and toes reinforce those easily-worn areas, while the rest of the material besides the striped cuffs are printed with mystical graphics. Fate RevealedYou don’t need a crystal ball to see that having unique socks is a wonderful way to perk up your wardrobe! Incredible clairvoyant powers not included. 

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