Adam and Eve Costume


Become a part of the Bible when you wear this Adam and Eve Costume. You get both costumes! This costume is perfect for you and your partner this year on Halloween.

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Things were a lot different here on Earth when Adam and Eve were first created. It must have been a lot warmer, since God saw no need to make them any clothes. Of course, after the whole Garden of Eden mishap, humans have been sporting various garments, but before that, they used to stroll through the gardens wearing nothing but their birthday suit.Of course, these days you really shouldn’t do that and if you want to portray the Biblical characters without being completely naked, then you should give this Adam and Eve costume a try. The costume comes with two lighter flesh-tone colored jumpsuits: one for a man and one for a woman. Each one has strategically placed faux leaves and the male suit has printed nipples. The costume set also comes with a pair of leaf headpieces to finish the look. They’re the perfect way to dress like the iconic characters while still holding on to some modesty!

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