4 in 1 Halloween Tombstone Decoration Set


Create a spooky graveyard atmosphere with this 4 in 1 Tombstone Halloween Decoration Set and be sure to have the spookiest yard in the neighborhood this Halloween season.

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Cemetery StarterThe spookiest place in your neighborhood is the overgrown graveyard. While it looks happy nestled in giant weeds and bowed trees, you can feel its abandonment whenever you pass. It’s perfect for Halloween, and you’re jealous. Neighbors flock to the spot every October. One group after another. Each trying to hunt ghosts and capture evidence that the illegible tombstones are hiding something worse than the names of their owners. But it would take a lifetime to create that same sense of terror in your own space and draw crowds that can’t get enough of the spine-chilling thrills of haunted cemeteries. Or would it?Product DetailsEvery spooky spot starts somewhere! Get your haunting Halloween display up and running with this 4 in 1 Tombstone Set. This 4 pack of foam headstones is an easy way to set up your gruesome graveyard. With 1 decoration standing 22 inches tall and the accompanying 3 standing at 14 inches, your graveyard will have a nice variation in stones while being easy to move about your lawn. Stick each into the ground with the included stakes, and your spirited Halloween goals are off to a great start!Dig ItWhether you’re looking to start a graveyard or expand your annual Halloween display, this 4 in 1 Tombstone Set has you covered! With no digging involved, you’re sure to enjoy creating your cemetery every year with these decorations!

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