14″ Creepy Pumpkin Candelabra


For the fashionable Haunted House, this 14″ Creepy Pumpkin Candelabra is like Lumiere x Tim Burton. All the ghouls will go gaga over this haunting decoration!

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Keep Things LightThe perfect balance of light and dark can be hard to come by at Halloween. In fact, finding the right lighting is actually the hardest thing about perfecting a Halloween party. After all, you want your party guests to be able to see just enough to admire each other’s costumes and to not run into the food table, but not so much that the room feels bright or glaring.You want to set a dark scene full of ambient, eerie light. Think “vampire lighting” — the way a creature of the night may light a gothic study or an underground chamber. This Creepy Pumpkin Halloween Candelabra, for instance, sends just the right message. It says, “I’m serious about my Halloween decor” without sacrificing functionality. Did we mention it’s pretty creepy, in and of itself? Set a few of them around your haunted house and shed some light on the delicate art of Halloween illumination.Design & DetailsThis candelabra base features an intricate skeleton-meets-tree branch design, with a skull-like base. Three Jack o’ lantern heads top the trio of arms, each supporting a “melting candle” inspired LED light. The full effect is irksome, ancient, and perfect for Halloween’s deepest, darkest mysteries. 

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