Zombie Bite – Party Sleeves


Accessorize your costume this Halloween season with these epic Zombie Bite Party Sleeves. These sleeves fit comfortably under a shirt and look like real life Zombie bite marks.

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Undead DenierThere’s always one, isn’t there? That friend that you’ve reluctantly let into your survival crew, despite him making extremely questionable choices. Yes, wearing sandals to go on the run from zombies should have tipped you off but you’re not heartless. You two have history! But then the time came to seal your group off from the horde and your good ol’ buddy sure seemed to be sweating a lot. When you asked if anyone had been bitten he got angry asking how you could ask something so obvious. Yeah. You should have known, or at least asked everyone to roll up their sleeves. Because your pal had been denying his encounter with the undead and now your whole team is going to have to pay!Product DetailsThese sleeves are a fun take on the classic zombie bite victim. With gory scratches, a couple of bites, and enflamed veins that don’t look so good, you’ll look like you’re just about to turn. The background is a pale color, for a blanched, sickly look. Simply slip these skins over your arms and you’ll become an important part of every zombie plot. You know, that classic character who ups the ante just as everyone thinks that they’re safe! 

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