Yellow Tutu


Add a pop of color to any costume or stage with this Yellow Tutu. This bright tutu is sure to make you stand out!

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Don’t you hate it when other people get all the attention? They should know that you’re the center of the universe! Well now you can make that almost literally true when you slip into this bright and sunny yellow tutu! Yes, that’s right, the universe does revolve around the bright star that is you! And if they’re too blinded by your shine to know that, show them this little tutu around your waist, making it glaringly obvious that you shine brightest! You’re finally a star! Of course, this tutu isn’t only limited to star shine. You can also show them that you’re queen bee with a single wiggle of your hips. All eyes will be on you and watching out for your sting as you buzz through a room. Whatever the occasion, this simple yellow tutu will add some flare to your life and light up the world with how radiant you truly are.

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