WWE Plus Size Sting Costume


Transform into a WWE icon with the WWE Plus Size Sting Costume. With this outfit on you’ll be flipping and pinning people like a professional! Maybe go pro?

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Feel the StingThere are two things any would-be Sting fan will need before suiting up in his digs. First, and less importantly, you’re going to want to master the Scorpion Deathlock. It’s, of course, his lethal finishing hold that won him 13 championships. Second, and most important, is a non-negotiable part of the costume: that attitude. Perpetually grumpy for good reason (all those punches thrown and taken), you just have to get it right. There’s a lot to live up to: all the championships, a Hall of Fame career, a spot on the notorious Four Horsemen.Design & DetailsAre you up for it? If you can’t get enough of seeing Sting, and all those Wrestlemania DVDs are starting to skip and gather dust, our in-house designers captured his iconic look here in our exclusive and officially licensed WWE Plus Size Sting Costume. Once you get a steady hand and the face makeup on your mug, you’ll feel the true power of that Four Horseman flow through your veins. You can find a mask to make that part of the look even easier for you. Don’t skip that, either. It’s an integral component of that legendary attitude. You can get your Sting fix by looking in the mirror!Be WWESo are you the heel or the face? Or better yet: are you worthy of being the face of the WWE? The Icon. The Franchise. The Stinger. The Vigilante. Steve Borden. We’re confident your talent will take you places, but it’s your move now.

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