WWE Macho Man Ugly Christmas Sweater


The Adult WWE Macho Man Ugly Christmas Sweater is the perfect gift for the wrestling fan in your life! Exclusively made by us, this sweater is sure to be the envy of everyone this holiday season.

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Macho Madness ChristmasYou poor, poor fool. It’s not your fault. For years, you’ve been celebrating the holidays, but something very has been missing from your special day. Macho Man. Yes, the high-octane wrestling style of Macho Man Randy Savage is imperative to having a successful holiday season. Can you imagine it? Macho Man crashes through the front door. Then he grabs the Christmas tree and executes a perfect piledriver on the big green shrub. Then, Santa shows up and Macho Man orates a speech about being the cream of the crop, before challenging Santa Claus to a cage match. Now that it’s in your head… you’ll never be able to experience Christmas again without the WWE star. Don’t worry. This Ugly Christmas Sweater has you covered.This officially licensed Macho Man Ugly Christmas Sweater is a true Christmas miracle. The sweater is knit from acrylic and has a cozy fit, but enough with the small talk. You’re here for one reason. Randy Savage is designed into the front of this sweater. Yes, THE Macho Man himself. Once you put this sweater on, you’ll realize that there’s no possible way to celebrate the holidays without the Macho Man’s mighty presence. 

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