World Peace Women’s Hippie Costume


This fun and frilled Women’s World Peace Hippie Costume is a must-have for any free spirit! The 70’s fashion is bright, flower-powered, & can be your vibe.

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Neverending NostalgiaAt first glance, this costume is obvious. The look is obviously from the late sixties and early seventies, right? There’s the psychedelic pattern straight out of a mod seventies interior design book. You can just picture it paired with lush avocado green shag carpeting. Then there are those flared pants, ripped straight out of an Orange County yearbook from the 1970s. And the fringe… no one could get enough of that faux western style in the late ’60s.So how could it be that we think this particular hippie look might actually be rooted in nineties nostalgia? That would be the adorable fitted crop top! The nineties was a time that was also filled with a longing for another decade which was the seventies. Looks like looking back is a national past time. Do nostalgia right by going with an outfit that brings back memories whether the people around you grew up grooving to radical tunes. No matter when you’re from, it’s all peace and love, man.Details & DesignDepart from basic hippie designs with this next level Made by Us World Peace Hippie costume! The look breaks the mold with a pattern created by our in-house designers and applied to high-waisted bell bottom pants. The crop top is fitted with long sleeves bearing luxurious pink fringe to make your dance moves extra radical. Topped off with a flower crown, you’re sure to spread peace, love, and harmony wherever you go!Say your PeaceThis outfit is just about good to go straight out of the package. Keep your hair natural and slip on some platform shoes to compliment your bellbottoms just right. All you need to do now is find your tribe. We suggest traveling to California in a VW Bus, that usually does the trick!

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