Wood-Look Viking Shield Prop


Complete your Viking warrior or shield maiden look with this exclusive Wood-Look Viking Shield accessory.

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Battle isn’t all about offense there, buster. You might think you can charge into the fray, wielding nothing but your deadly barbarian axe of slaying, but what happens when there’s warrior on the other side of the battlefield wielding the same axe? Then, you might want a little something that we call “insurance of the old world.” You might want a little something called a “shield.” We just so happen to have the perfect one for you, based of the classic equipment of the Norse Vikings!This Wooden Viking Shield brings one sturdy looking piece of battle equipment. It looks just like something that a Viking marauder might use to defend himself during a vicious battle. Of course, this prop is just that! A prop. So, do go out and try to block sword attacks with this thing if you value your life. It DOES, however, make for one awesome LARPing accessory. So, whether you’re headed into pretend battles, or you just want to look like a glorious Valkyrie, then this shield is exactly what you want in your off-hand.

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