Wood-Look Viking Shield Black


Accessorize your Viking costume perfectly with this Black Wood-Look Viking Shield. This shield has a wood-like finish and is black. Complete your look with this shield.

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Marauder MakeoverDo you hear the drums calling? Those rhythms aren’t just to inspire you and your fellow longboat riders to run your oars at the same pace. That’s the call for battle! You can look out over the field and see it decorated with dozens or more of your competition. They’ve got their braids done up to the nines. Beads are woven into the men’s beards and bands of fabric and leather torn from the defeated give a colorful flair to the women’s hair. This is a fashion raid! Who has claimed the ultimate treasures from the most recent attack on those bellyaching nobles? And, more importantly, who is wearing it best!? Does their mighty axe clash more with their armor than it does against their shield!? And, speaking of shields, let’s be honest… is it one worthy of carrying a mighty warrior into Valhalla or is it just a bargain arrow blocker that someone lifted off a wannabe warrior? Design & Details Make sure that you are always standing at the forefront of Viking fashion when you come equipped with this Black Viking Shield. This easy-on-the-eyes prop shield is made from plastic though it has the solid look of wood and metal. Painted black with shiny edges, it measures just under three feet in diameter and has two straps in the back for easy wielding. Show the rest that black is the new red when you conquer the competition and make your warrior readiness known!

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