Women’s Westward Pioneer Costume


Now you can dress the part when you head out west for new adventures with the family on your covered wagon in our Women’s Westward Pioneer Costume! This costume features a white blouse with full length sleeves with brown and tan accents, as well as a brow

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Hitch your wagons!Did you grow up reading the “Little House on the Prairie” books and dreaming about living in your very own sod house? Maybe you wistfully imagined milking cows before dawn and churning cream for 20 minutes straight to make your own butter. Maybe you longed to have the chance to spend the whole day doing laundry at the nearby river, or live in an underground home with a dirt floor and plenty of critters crawling underfoot.Or maybe your dreams ranged farther west, toward that great American journey: the Oregon Trail. Do you bitterly regret missing the romance of walking fifteen miles a day alongside your covered wagon, rubbing axle grease on your lips to prevent blisters and taking Epsom salts to try to cure your excruciating dysentery? Do you feel like nothing in modern day can compare to the thrill of collecting buffalo chips for the evening fire? Do you long for a daily food menu that’s primarily cornmeal and lard? Truly, you were born in the wrong century!Product detailsWe can’t transport you to the glorious 1840s, but we can at least help you feel like you’re there with this Women’s Westward Pioneer Costume. The exclusive costume is 100 percent polyester, which we admit wasn’t invented until about 100 years after the Oregon Trail period, but it still looks authentic, and honestly, it’s a lot more comfortable. The long-sleeved shirt features a collar, buttons down the front and trim along the front and sleeve cuffs, as well as a zipper on the back for easy wear. The floor-length brown skirt also has a zipper in the back for the same reason.Westward, ho!With this costume, all you’ll need is a covered wagon, six oxen and about 50 pounds of lard, and you’ll be all set for your very own Oregon Trail adventure!

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