Women’s Twisted Clown Plus Size Costume


Become an evil clown this Halloween and look good doing it with this Women’s Plus Size Twisted Clown Costume! This cute but creepy costume goes up to a 3X.

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Enter the FunhouseFor a long time, you’ve been terrified of clowns. Nothing personal, but their painted faces freak you out. But recently, some friends suggested that you try to get over your irrational fear. Clowns are funny! they insisted. Give them a chance. So you decided to go to the circus. When you entered the Big Top, though, something definitely felt wrong. Oddly sinister music floated from an unseen band. Strange beasts stalk the ring – and do they have bat wings? Worst of all, the clown performing tonight seems…twisted. She locks eyes with you as you stand frozen in the stands and at the sight of her fiendish grin, you know that you will never leave here alive. Product DetailsYou’ll be center stage all night in this creepily adorable Women’s Plus Size Twisted Clown Costume! The sweetly sinister minidress ends mid-thigh and features a flared skirt, a black bodice panel with two pom poms, white sides spangled with black polka dots, red piping detail, and a red-and-white-striped hem. Cold-shoulder style sheer black sleeves pouf out over your arms, ending at your wrists, and a red-and-white clown collar with gauzy black edging add to the costume’s carnival appeal. Pin on the black, white and red clown party hat and you’re ready to go! The Best Worst Act of All Forget Stephen King’s famous dancing clown – until you came around, no evil circus performer was able to look this good while being this bad! When a costume is both spooky and flattering, you know you’ve found a winner. Time to get this show started! 

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