Women’s Twisted Clown Costume


Look sexy and spooky in this Women’s Twisted Clown Costume. This costume takes a sexy spin on the classic clown costume. It has black, white and red coloring throughout and a hat that tops off the look.

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Panic at the PartyThrowing parties has always been your thing. At least, you’ve always wanted it to be. So when your friend’s kiddo turned one, you already had the perfect theme in mind. You didn’t mean it to be creepy. What kid doesn’t like the circus? You spent weeks preparing. There was a playlist of upbeat organ music pre-downloaded on your phone. A striped tent in the back yard. You even rented a popcorn machine!Come to think of it, mistakes were made. Perhaps you shouldn’t have told everyone to dress as a clown, hide, and jump out when the guest of honor arrived. Babies don’t really understand the concept of surprise parties. And perhaps you shouldn’t have filled all the balloons in the dart game with blood-red paint. Those splashes of red were enough to make the adults scream in terror. But if you really wanted to get another party planning gig, you really should have chosen a different costume. Sure, you looked rather fabulous but it’s hard to believe you didn’t try and make the party spooky when you look so twisted!Design & DetailsWhether you wear this to a child’s birthday party or out on Halloween, you’ll be glad you chose a Made By Us Halloween costume! Designed by our in-house designers, this clown costume features a tutu dress with a halter neckline and a party-ready tulle skirt. Details such as lush pom-poms and fringe along the illusion neckline really make this look pop. complete with striped leggings and a conical hat, your clown costume will look right at home under the big top!Encore!We’re so excited about your big show. This costume is sure to make an entrance! Make your look spotlight ready with clown makeup, a wild wig, and a few blood-splattered props to really get your twisted point across. This will be a show that no one will forget!

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