Women’s Tricky Witch Wig


Complete your witch costume with this marvelous Women’s Tricky Witch Wig. Believe us, it is the finishing touch you need to be the perfect witch!

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Spell it OutWe’re all overwhelmed with emotion every once in a while. Sometimes it’s for a reason, sometimes that energy seems to come from nowhere. Traditional ways of venting every emotion from joy to anger are so limited. Crying, dancing, leaping up and down, well, that’s just wasted energy.Wouldn’t it be nice if you could radiate your emotional energy with magic? Shooting out spells that show your friends your love when they surprise you for your birthday or setting off a stinking curse when a coworker steals your idea at a meeting? Ahh, the life of a witch. With all the emotional energy in the air, it would surely show in the witch’s hair. Whether you’re dressing up as a good witch or a bad witch, slipping into this tricky witch wig will flaunt your inner power! Product Design & DetailsThis fantastically wild wig has layers and a natural-toned brown color.  The wig cap is eighteen to twenty-six inches. Falling past your shoulders, this wild look will make your witch costume come to life this Halloween!Curly Haired CursesAre you ready to curate your witch costume? This wig can be paired with all sorts of accessories from spiderweb tights to faux leather corsets. Combine your look together and you’ll feel ready to fly into the night on a broomstick!

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