Women’s Tracy Turnblad Costume


We think you will be hearing the bells when you try our Women’s Tracy Turnblad Costume! This costume features a white blouse with plaid skirt. perfect for any 1960s throwback parties!

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Good Morning, Baltimore!Is dancing in your blood? Do you love to dance more than you love to eat or sleep or even breathe? We bet you’re always breaking in dance, whether it’s tap dancing in the shower or doing the tango by yourself in the middle of math class. That’s probably the reason for all your detentions, isn’t it!? (Well, that and your “hair don’ts,” which we think are fantastic, by the way.)Some people just don’t understand the heart of a dancer, but we do! We know that it’s impossible to stop yourself once you’ve heard the beat and your feet get moving. Less artistically minded folks don’t understand when you start break dancing in the movie theater or waltzing in the grocery aisle, but we do. We get it when you feel compelled to swing dance at your little brother’s kindergarten graduation ceremony, and when you need to salsa while eating salsa. (It’s thematic, after all.) And don’t get us started on grooving to the beat any time some good R&B tunes come on! That’s unavoidable, no matter what you were doing, whether it was mowing the lawn or swimming laps at the pool. You just can’t help yourself… and why would you want to?Product DetailsYou’ll be able to dance your heart out in this Women’s Aerosol Dancer Costume. The exclusive costume features a white blouse with a plaid skirt. The blouse has ruffles and velvet ribbon trim, along with faux-pearl buttons down the center front. There is also black trim on the shirt cuffs. The accordion-pleated plaid skirt has a zipper down the center back for easy wear. All you need are some frilly socks and black-and-white saddle shoes to complete the ensemble… oh, and sky-hair hair, of course!Dance ‘Til You Drop!Once you put on this retro dancer costume, you’re sure to win the big dance competition… or at least the evening’s costume contest!

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