Women’s Teller of Fortunes Costume


Everyone will love when you show up wearing this Women’s Teller of Fortunes Costume Dress. I’m sure you already knew that though, you’ll turn the rest of the party into believers!

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Future So Bright, You Gotta Be ShadyFortune tellers have to walk a thin line. You can’t go around predicting bad news for the people who come to your door. That’s no way to get a return customer. Then again, if you only predict bright and happy things then you just might be setting your clients up for disappointment. That’s why soothsayers need guidelines. If you see a dark cloud in someone’s future, don’t blurt it out. Stick the bad news into bits of glad tidings you can glean from other areas of the vision.For instance, if they’re in danger of being framed by a tall, handsome man start out with, “You will meet a tall, dark stranger. From there you can put in the warning, “He’s not to be trusted”. After that mention that they’ll be coming into some money. Just cause that’s a sure bet that people love to hear. And whether they get a raise at work or find a dollar under their car’s seat, you’ll be right! Now that you know the secret to become a believable fortune teller, you’ll need a fabulous ensemble to really drive your message home! Product DetailsLayers of lush prints and textures will set the scene for your soothsaying venture this Halloween. This costume features a corset style top with whimsical off-shoulder sleeves that combine a lightweight sheer texture with starlight sparkle. The skirt is long with a slit on the side to keep your tambourine dancing smooth and easy. Tied with a sash at the waist, this costume is ready for a Bohemian night on the town.A Self-Fulfilled ProphecyWho knew that “happy Halloween” could be a prediction? But here you are, bracelets on your wrists, a scarf tied in your hair. How could you resist having a memorable night? Aww, well. Might as well enjoy yourself. You knew this was coming.

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