Women’s Tavern Wench Costume


Serve up some fun straight out of the Middle Ages this Halloween in this Women’s Tavern Wench Costume! This historical Halloween costume will help you envision the past.

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WHICH WENCH IS THE WITCH!?It’s hardly a kind sounding word:  wench.  Very few sentences out there make it feel much better, either.  But, that’s what time does to some words.  Back in the Middle Ages, wench (for the most part) just talked about a young woman… though they were usually of the servant caste.  That, of course, means that not many of the folks with power or the then wealthy academics had a whole lot of great things to say about them.  So, there went that word… But, the fun of jumping back to the Renaissance is being able to reinvent what happened and fill the tales with some new storytellers.  Perhaps this servant girl in the tavern is no mere want-to-be cinder girl.  Perhaps she’s secretly the hero of the tale.  Perhaps she’s been toying with some new magical tricks and is just about ready to unleash a potion that will bring those haughty nobles to their knees and turn the tavern tables right around on them!  Mwahahaha!DESIGN & DETAILSIt’s time to show the whole Renaissance world who truly controls the realm!  (It’s the gal who determines who gets to drink, naturally.)  Our designers have poured their heart into this authentic and high-quality look so you can fill the role of the Lass of the Tavern with this costume.  You’ve got all the details that you need to really feel like you own the inn thanks to the ruffled arms and peasant cut of the shirt, the textured trim and metal buckles on the vest, and the long, two-layered skirt featuring a ruched hip-high tie.  How you accessorize will finish the flavor of the character you create! EVERY TALE NEEDS A TAVERNNo matter what story we’re being told or telling to an audience, there’s always a place to put up your feet.  It might start at the tavern or have them show up at the inn but, either way, you’ll be there to make this tale terrific thanks to this Tavern Woman Costume! 

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