Women’s Sweet Scarecrow Costume


You know, not all scarecrows have to be scary. Everyone will be coming to visit you at the pumpkin patch when you wear this Women’s Sweet Scarecrow Costume!

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Who’s Afraid of the Scarecrow? Scarecrows are a great idea for keeping pests away from a farmer’s delicious crops. It seems, however, that this farmer was more interested in creating a guard who was….well, let’s just say it’s much more aesthetically pleasing than most scarecrows. The good news is that the crows aren’t bothering the crops anymore – but that’s because they can’t stop staring at the resident scarecrow! Product DetailsSlip into this Women’s Sweet Scarecrow Costume and you’ll be so cute that it’s almost scary! The pullover minidress is made of a comfortable blend of polyester and cotton and designed to look like two separate articles of clothing worn as layers. The dress’s sleeves and bodice inset are made of green fabric, with appliqued plaid and burlap-printed cotton patches decorating the chest. Material resembling straw is sewn along the collar (but it isn’t itchy the way straw would be!) Blue jersey material forms the faux overall-style straps on the bodice, the apron-style waistline, and the upper layer of the skirt. Its zig-zag hemline is accented with burlap-style material and green tulle. Decorative buttons, a plaid faux pocket, and additional cotton patches on the skirt add extra whimsy to the overall look. An included hemp belt can be tied around your waist. Once you add the cotton knee-high socks with their patches and fringe embellishments and put the pointed brown scarecrow hat on your head, you’ll be the prettiest scarecrow ever to guard a farmer’s field! Harvest HottieWant strong fall vibes without sacrificing style? Transform into a scarecrow and be prepared to attract flocks of admirers! 

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