Womens Sultry SWAT Costume


You’re sure to be the sexiest member of the SWAT Team in this Women’s Sultry SWAT Costume! This exclusive costume includes the hat, top, arm band, shorts, and belt!

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A Sticky SituationErnie should have known that he wouldn’t get away with his shenanigans. His secret pancake house had been serving illegal syrup soaked stacks for years. And during those years he hadn’t even once paid taxes. Nor had he applied for a business license. And most importantly, he hadn’t had a health inspection. That’s right. His syrup bottles had never gotten a good scrubbing and the temperature of his refrigerator was always five degrees too high. It was about time this bad, brooding breakfast mogul was taken down. That’s where you come in! Protect carbo-loading customers from future sticky mistakes in an outfit that lets everyone know you’re there to make sure the public stays safe while you take the bad guy to go. Details & DesignJust because you’re law enforcement doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your look! Actually, if you were a real S.W.A.T. team member, your captain would probably have a few choice words if you showed up in this. But you’re probably not so in the meantime, have fun with this Made by Us S.W.A.T. costume. The featured top has a sleek mesh mid-drift and sleeves. The bandeau in the middle has a wet faux leather look the matches the included lace-up shorts. Top the look off with your tough-looking hat and you’ll be ready to team up and stop any baddies in their tracks!Extra Special OpsMaybe you don’t actually know the special tactics that put the “special” in Special Weapons and Tactics. That’s alright, all you need to do is look the part! Finish this off with tough combat boots, a holster, and a whole selection of ways to personalize your look from our police accessory collection. You could recruit some friends to create your very own special unity with the rest of our S.W.A.T costumes in all sorts of styles and sizes. And black market breakfast joints out there had better watch their backs!

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