Women’s Steampunk Wrist Guards


Looking for something a little extra to complete your cosplay for the next comic con or steampunk themed party? Look no further then these Women’s Steampunk Wrist Guards! These feature a cognac brown leather like material with a bright metallic plating.

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Steampunk Beginnings Ever wanted to get into steampunk, but had no idea how to get started? We get it! After all, some of those steampunk cosplay costumes are pretty intense! They have a complete array of vintage pieces that they’ve selected to be a part of their outfit. They have hand-crafted pieces. It’s sort of intimidating to just plunge into something like that!Well, we’re here to let you know that it all has to start somewhere. Even that person that’s fully decked out in steampunk gear had to start with something small! Perhaps you just need a single piece to inspire you! That’s where this pair of Steampunk Wrists Guards for women come into play. They’re a simple piece that has a look that’s one-part superhero and one-part Victorian fantasy. We think it’s the perfect start to any steampunk outfit!Product DetailsThese wrist guards provide you with a great way to accessorize any steampunk outfit. The features a faux leather bottom with a gold metallic top. Various rivet designs add a mechanical look to them, so all you have to strap them around your wrists. Find a few of our matching steampunk accessories and you can craft your own steampunk superhero sort of look! 

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