Women’s Steampunk Belt


Really complete your steampunk cosplay for your next trip to your local comic con or to a steampunk themed party with this Women’s Steampunk Belt! This belt features a brown leatherlike material with a bright metallic plating and buckles.

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Punk’dLooking to get into the wild world of Steampunk? It can really seem pretty daunting. Some people are clad from head to toe in custom made gear or vintage pieces that look like they came straight from the 1890s. How’s a brand new punker supposed to break into the scene? Well, it all starts with a single piece! That’s right, you don’t have to feel intimidated by pro Steampunkers! Even the most decked-out cosplayers need to start somewhere and maybe all you need is the right accessory to inspire your look. This Steampunk Belt for women might not seem like much, but it could just be the first piece to assembling the perfect Steampunk outfit! Pair it up with a few other accessories or some vintage pieces of your own, and you’ll be on the road to becoming a Steampunk pro.Product DetailsAll it takes is one good accessory to spark the imagination! This simple belt adds a Steampunk style to any outfit. It has an adjustable buckle along with gold and faux leather pieces. The buckle itself has a very Victorian style, so you just have to strap it around your waist to get that true Steampunk feel. 

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