Women’s Spider Web Purse


This unique and exclusive Women’s Spider Web Purse will send a stunning statement to your friends and party goers. Use it daily during the Halloween season and/ or to accessorize your costume.

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Ghoul’s Night OutPicture this: You’re decked out for a Halloween to remember. After searching and searching for the perfect skeleton ensemble—a form-fitting jumpsuit that hugs your curves but keeps things spooky—you paired it with the ideal set of heels. You’ve now painted your face to match the look, and you even tucked a toy spider into your locks. You’re heading out the door, throwing your cell phone, keys, wallet, and black lipstick into your pink sequin purse, en route to the big bash.HOLD UP! What? A pink sequin purse? No way can we let you ruin your perfectly dark and devilish look with an out-of-place purse! What kind of costumers would we be if we didn’t encourage you to think about every aspect of your look, from head to toe? This Women’s Spider Web Purse will prove a perfect accompaniment to your spooky-chic look for the costume party. Whew! We’re so glad we caught you in time!Design & DetailsOur design studio crafted this little chain-strap bag for occasions just like this! Black faux leather takes an interesting spiderweb shape and boasts an eerie web print top. Wear it alongside all manner of costumes for a Halloween-appropriate accessory you’ll love!In the BagWell, of course you won the costume competition—see what taking care with your accessories can do for you? Don’t let us catch you trying to “get by” on a costume again. We always have the finishing touches to polish your looks to perfection! 

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