Women’s Sock Hop Kit


This Women’s Sock Hop Kit is the perfect accessory whether you’re headed to a sock hop, you’ve scored a part in a local musical, or you’re celebrating Halloween in that 50’s style.

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Smooth MovesThe hand jive! The stroll! The Cha-cha! With all the great dances of the fifties, it’s no wonder that their dance nights were so much fun that we still recreate them today! You might be wondering how high schoolers learned all those dances. That would be hard to do now when most students only go to three dances a year if they’re lucky. But some high schools in the fifties often had a dance every weekend! Kids would just show up in street clothes, slip off their shoes to keep the gym floor pristine, and groove for a few hours. That sounds like a pretty great time to us!Design & DetailsSlipping into this sock hop kit is just as easy and casual as hosting a sock hop in the fifties! The kit features a circle skirt with an embroidered poodle patch, a pair of lacy socks with music notes on the ankles, cat eyeglasses, and a pale pink polka dot scarf. Pair the poodle skirt with all sorts of tops from preppy cardigans to collared button-ups, or even a boat neck striped top. However you wear this set, you’ll be ready to rock and roll once you’re all dressed up!Hand Jive PracticeAre you just pacing the floor until your sleek fifties costume arrives? Don’t just stand there, use this time to practice a couple of your fifties dances! The best part is, you can break out this costume many, many times with different variations. Get wild. Top your costume off with a full-on beehive hairdo, a set of pearls, or even a leather jacket if you want to go for a good girl gone bad look. Whether you’re heading to a sock hop or a fifties diner for a special date, you’re going to love this spin-worthy, fifties costume!

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