Women’s Snow White Costume


Get this Women’s Snow White Costume and someday your prince will come! This licensed costume lets you become the original Disney princess.

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Magic mirror, in your hand, what should you be for Halloween?No, we didn’t even try to get that to rhyme, and we’re sorry for that. But that’s because you don’t need to bother asking magical looking glasses in the first place. If you want the fairest look in all the land, just slip into this elegant Snow White Costume; no need to ask any judgy mirrors for advice!While she always looks lovely no matter what she’s up to, Snow White is a bit of an over-dresser, even when doing messy things like housekeeping. We’re not sure why, since she has seven roommates who probably track all kinds of grime around the house after working in the mine all day, but for some reason she still likes to dress to impress! Maybe there are enchanting parties and dances scattered around the forest, and she doesn’t want to be caught in a shabby outfit if she stumbles across one. Hopefully, she’s at least careful when she’s out in the wilderness, since there are dangerous folk in the woods, and her brightly colored outfits don’t exactly blend in…Luckily, this costume just gives you Snow White’s beautiful sense of style, and not any of her odd habits. The flowing yellow dress, velvety bodice, and detachable foam collar come together for a simple but very elegant look, perfect for strolling through the trees and playing with woodland critters. Tie the included satin ribbon into your hair and slip on a comfy pair of slippers to complete this fairy tale ensemble, and there will be no question about who is the fairest in the land!

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