Women’s Silver Queen Disco Costume


Hit the dance floor in our exclusive Silver Queen Disco Costume or claim it as a 1960 costumes! Made of 100% polyester jersey material, this exclusive pullover dress has a hook and loop fastener on the collar.

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Boogie Oogie OogieListen, some people just don’t understand. Dancing isn’t a want. Dancing is a NEED. And needs are a responsibility. That means when the urge to bust a move arises, you just can’t ignore it! You need to boogie oogie oogie like nobody’s business and you can’t let anyone stop you from doing it! Not your mom. Not your dad. No one! Your body needs to dance!Of course, the 1970s is the best decade to use as inspiration for getting your boogie time in. After all, disco music has maximum booty-shaking vibes, along with those funky bass grooves to get you on the dance floor. That’s why we recommend putting on a disco record and slipping into an outfit that’s made for shaking your groove thing, like this Silver Disco Queen Costume for women. It’s a Made by Us exclusive, so you won’t find this unique outfit anywhere else!Design & DetailsOur costume designers wanted to create an outfit that perfectly captured the style of the 1970s! They came up with this Silver Queen Disco Costume, which will have you moving and grooving like the dancing machine that you are! The costume comes with a simple dress, that’s made out of a light-weight jersey material. The pattern is a white, silver, and black design with a slightly psychedelic tone to it. The bell sleeves and a sleek, flowing feel. Make sure you dig those GoGo boots out of your closet, since this dress looks amazing with any retro-style shoe!The Dance Floor is YoursThe next time you feel the need to dance, heed the call! Just slip into this Silver Queen Disco Costume for women and you’ll be ready to head on down to the discotheque! You’ll be ready to claim the space under the disco ball as your own!

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