Women’s Sexy Sister Costume


Be a bit sultry yet stylish and reserved when you get this Womens Sexy Sister Costume. This costume may just cause a few bad habits when worn at your next costume party or get together.

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A Good HabitWe know you’re good all year long. You spend your free time volunteering, picking up litter, and working in your community garden. We hear you’re constantly giving and giving to friends and family, and never asking for anything in return. And when loved ones need a hand looking after their kids or loading up their moving truck, you’re the first to offer. But, everyone knows that even the most humble and giving public servants must practice a little self-care from time to time. That’s why we think it’s ok on this one day a year—Halloween—to be a little selfish. This Women’s Sexy Sister Costume is the perfect blend of sugar and spice to give you a day off from your saintly behavior. Product DetailsThis naughty nun look comes as two pieces and you can accessorize at will. The dress is a pullover stretchy material with a mesh illusion neckline and long sleeves. The white collar is sewn onto the dress and features a black cross. The habit has an elastic band to secure to your head and looks oh-so-nunly. You’ll want to choose your legwear and shoes carefully, as they say a lot about just how sassy a nun you are!Go All OutGo ahead and push the boundaries tonight. You’ve earned it. Show up empty-handed to your friend’s party. Pick out all your favorite candy from the bucket. Cut in line for the bathroom queue. Get it all out, sister, because tomorrow, it’s back to the sweet life for you!

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