Women’s Sexy Mrs. Claus Costume


Feel sassy and fun this Holiday season with our Women’s Sexy Mrs. Claus Costume. A perfect helper for any Mr. Claus!

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Holiday HostingYou’d think that the company Christmas party in the North Pole would have been the most epic shindig in the world from the very beginning. But before Santa met the love of his life, Christmas day was rather subdued. Santa and his reindeer would pull in after the trip around the world and the North Pole residents would mill around, sleep in, and snack on candy cane leftovers. When Santa brought Mrs. Claus home, that all changed. Santa would come home on Christmas morning, take a long nap, and by the time he woke up the great hall would be bustling with a party worthy of the holiday hub. Piles of steaming food, a tub of Egg Nog, and Christmas carols ringing from the rafters. The thing is, without Mrs. Claus, The North Pole is simply a distribution point because she truly is the hostess with the mostess, just ask the elves!Details & DesignOur in-house designers put their holly jolly heads together to create a look that’s perfect for any holiday affair! The velvet dress trimmed in white faux fur brings to mind North Pole culture while the wrap style short skirt keeps this look feeling flirty. The dress has a wide, deep V neck and fitted long sleeves for a cozy and sophisticated look. A shining bow slips through loopholes at the waist and secures with a hook and loop strip at the back. Topped off with a classic Santa hat, this Mrs. Claus costume will make your holiday reveling more memorable than ever before!Woman of the WorldWhile Santa might do the distributing of the gifts, it’s widely known that Mrs. Claus is the brains of the modern North Pole operation. What better way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas than representing the woman who puts the roses in Santa’s cheeks? Slip into this costume and you’ll be feeling merry far into the New Year!

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