Womens Sexy Christmas Snowman Costume


Who needs to build a snowman when you can be one with this Women’s Sexy Christmas Snowman Costume! It all comes to life with the magic top hat that is also included.

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Frosty TaleFor what seems like forever, there has been only one basic way to build a snowman. First, you have to wait until enough snow covers the ground to form three lumpy spheres, and even then, it has to be the right type of snow. Forming the spheres take the time of rolling a small snowball through the yard until it’s an unspecified size and making sure each is a different size. Then you stack the three pieces (hopefully largest to smallest), add some coal for buttons and eyes, and maybe wrap a scarf around its neck. And that’s that.But you’re sick of the standard snowman. You want to mix things up, give snowmen a fresh new look. Something more playful, maybe a bit more alluring. You want to make snowmen feel as magical and charming as they were when you first saw Frosty on the tv.Design & DetailsBring snowmen into the 21st century with this gorgeous Made by Us Women’s Christmas Snowman Costume. Our team of designers was fed up with the same old snowman design too, so they came up with this exclusive ensemble to really spice up the cheerful winter icon. A bright white skirt and long-sleeved top start the costume and help bring your modern snowman to life. Instead of the jagged pieces of coal you’re used to, this streamlined look has two black buttons attached both the skirt and top. Rick rack trim at the bottom of the skirt and a candy-cane striped waistband add interest to the ensemble. To polish off this stylish snowman creation you’ll find a lumberjack plaid print scarf and mini top hat headband included.Happy New LookEven icons need an update sometimes. Don’t let snowmen stay frozen in time, breathe new life into your favorite winter character with this Christmas Snowman Costume for women!

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