Women’s Sexy Cheshire Cat Bodysuit


Look sexy and fun in this Women’s Sexy Cheshire Cat Bodysuit. This bodysuit is purple and pink in color and has a tail sewn to the back. Top the look off with the matching headband.

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Cat-Like InstinctsYou’re not like other cat ladies. When they’re lounging on the couch cuddling with their furry friends, you’re sitting in a tree explaining what your wonderland would be with your cat. While your fellows daydream about the next kitten they can welcome home, you imagine what kind of adventures you and yours would have. But best of all, when you hear others discuss what they think their cat’s meow means, you can’t help but let a giant grin spread across your face. You know that each feline is commenting on how mad everyone is—you’ve heard it clear as day.But, maybe that was a daydream induced by your recent watch of Alice in Wonderland. Or perhaps your kitten’s purring crept into your mind as you drifted away to sleep in the sun. Dream, fantasy, or truth, we encourage exploring that whimsical chaos whenever you can.Design & DetailsTake a tumble down the rabbit hole into Wonderland with this Women’s Sexy Cheshire Cat Bodysuit! Our clever team of designers created this body-hugging look to get you feeling as carefree and adaptable as the Cheshire Cat himself. A concealed back zipper makes slipping into the stretch-knit jumpsuit easy. Meanwhile, its purple and fuchsia stripe print and attached tail help transform you into the fascinating feline. Fuchsia faux fur fingerless gloves turn your hands into cat paws and offer a bit of warmth. Polish off the costume with the equally eye-catching fuchsia cat ears headband.Fantastic FelineAs cat-people, we’re all a little mad. But isn’t that fantastic? We think so! And with this Made By Us Women’s Sexy Cheshire Cat Bodysuit, you become the wonderous kitty that causes nothing but giddy smiles! So, whether you’re teaming up with friends for an Alice in Wonderland group costume or looking to stir up some Halloween mischief on your own, this exclusive look is the cats’ meow!

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