Women’s Sassy Squirrel Costume


Dress up as your favorite fuzzy friend in this Women’s Sassy Squirrel Costume. You’ll be frolicking in the leaves and climbing trees in no time with this costume.

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National Squirrel Recognition DayUntil this year, we’ve never heard of National Squirrel Recognition Day but this year, we’ve got to say, the celebration was nuts! There were people in the park tossing out handfuls of popcorn and watching the squirrels play in the trees. People all around town filled their bird feeders with all sorts of squirrel favorites. And then there were all the new trees that people put in in advance of the day. Wait? What’s that you say? That wasn’t for National Squirrel Recognition Day, that’s just what people do for fun? Well, in that case, it seems like every day is for the squirrels!  Design & DetailsAre you ready to celebrate your squirrely side? This adorable squirrel costume is Made By Us, meaning that it was designed by our in-house team. The featured flirty romper is velvet-soft with long sleeves and an over-sized hood with ears on the top. The one-piece suit zips up the front to make changing into this look fast and easy. Of course, a squirrel’s best feature is that fabulous tail, and this costume really flaunts that feature with a faux fur stuffed tail attached to the back. The fluffy, curled tail is sure to make your costume instantly recognizable as soon as you walk into the room! Getting SquirrelyAre you excited for your squirrel costume to arrive? There are plenty of ways for you to get into character before your costume gets here. Before this costume comes, go ahead and climb some trees. Try eating a diet rich in nuts and seeds. Scold dogs with a high-pitched chattering noise if they get too close to your nest (aka: house). With all these tips and tricks, we’re sure you’ll be ready to fully transform into a fabulous squirrel once your costume arrives!

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