Women’s Royal Queen Costume


This Women’s Royal Queen Costume will be the most magnificent at any party. Don’t be afraid to take charge if need be.

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No, You reign It InDo people ever ask you to be a little less extra? We think that’s unacceptable. You should be as extra as you want because you’re joining the ranks of some amazing ladies. Because throughout history there have been some amazingly extra royal ladies. While some of the over-the-top royal ordeals have been lost to history, most people can picture the decadence of a couple of queens.There’s Cleopatra who once dissolved a pearl in vinegar to prove to a guest that she could serve the most expensive meal in the land. There’s Marie Antionette, famous for fashioning a whole battleship in her wig. And there’s Queen Elizabeth who must have been as strong as an ox to rock her over-the-top outfits including her bejeweled wig. It took her ladies hours to dress her in her many layers of complicated clothing. Through the patriarchal years between have we forgotten these ruling ladies? Oh, no. They didn’t let us forget them. Next time someone tells you to reign it in, simply slip into this queenly ensemble and reign them in. That’s the power of a royal ensemble!Product DetailsLucky for you, you won’t need a team of ladies in waiting and the ability to lift fifty pounds in silk and velvet alone to rock this look. Though it looks sumptuous, it’s actually pretty simple. The light-weight marron material is trimmed with faux fur that looks a little like ermine. Pin the jewels onto the wide cut collar to make the pearls drape over the bodice. With gold trim and a molded crown to top off your look, you’re sure to feel like a regent as soon as you slip into this gown!Long Live The QueenDon’t be surprised if your personality changes when you slip into this look. Royal decrees and a grand entrance might have you donning this look again and again. Who can blame you for taking your place in the history books?

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