Women’s Renaissance Maiden Costume


This Halloween travel back to medieval Camelot and the days of castles and courts when you put on this regal exclusive Women’s Renaissance Maiden Costume.

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Very, very renaissanceyFinally, the Renaissance has arrived. And, as we like to say, about freaking time! The middle ages were blah, like, SO blah. Just nothing going on. So, enter new artists, writers, poets, and philosophers. They’ve got new ideas, and they’re so great, we’re just gonna start a new era. So, let’s Renaissance on, folks!You, of course, are a noble lady who’s just totally stoked on the new values of your contemporaries. So, it’s time to go out and get learned up! But, you can’t just stroll out ye castle wearing any old thing. Which is why we just gotta get you into this Women’s Renaissance Maiden Costume. Renaissancey and bold, this dress ensemble will have you ready to put on blast that the post-middle ages are gonna be lit!Design & DetailsDesigned right here in our own HalloweenCostumes.com studios, this dress costume is an exclusive and you’re only going to find it right here. Our costume design team is all about historical costumes, and on this one, they did good. Real good!This Women’s Renaissance Maiden Costume features high style and intricate detail. A serious step up from your typical costume dress, it comes in emerald green velvet. It features brocade ribbon trim and very, very elegant brocade inset panels in the front of the skirt.For all kinds of funAs a Halloween costume, this style will work great. But, it’s so good, you’ll be all set for a Ren faire, a historical reenactment, or any kind of medieval fun! Check out all of our costume accessories, and if you’ve got friends in on the fun, too, be sure to find a look for them. We’ve got costumes for your entire Renaissance party posse!

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