Women’s Regal Maiden Costume


Be dressed to impress at your local renaissance faire or themed costumed event with our Women’s Regal Maiden Costume! This purple floor length gown features puffed sleeves at the shoulder with gold colored accents.

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Mystery at Grimshaw HallThe life of a noble maiden is usually pretty quiet. Days were spent sewing and wandering through the gardens and evenings were spent in the hall, listening to the harpsichord. That’s what Lizbeth was expecting when she came to live in Grimshaw Hall. But the first night, she heard someone crying from the floor above her chamber. When she asked, her lady’s maid insisted that she couldn’t hear anything. A week later, she heard the sound again. This time she went to investigate. Bringing along her lady’s maid, she crept along the dark halls of the manor. They snuck along the staircase, her lady’s maid pulling at her skirts, asking to turn back before every corner. When they got to a locked door at the end of the… what? Oh, we’re supposed to be describing this costume rather than writing a historic novel? Oh, sorry, we just got swept up in the romance of this historical costume!Design & DetailsThis gorgeous historical gown was designed by our in-house creative team. The royal purple velvet is has a damask center panel and is trimmed in a brocade trim. The sleeves are puffed at the top and have v-style cuffs trimmed in ruffles. Zipping up the back, this detailed dress is simple to slip into. Purple, Gold, and GorgeousAre you ready to take on a royal title? No need to travel back to the medieval era, this costume will make you feel like part of the royal court. Complete this look with an elegant headdress, jewelry, and even a long petticoat to give your skirts a bit of a lift. Whether you’re dressing up for a costume party or going to a Ren Faire, this gown will make you feel elegant as soon as you slip it on!

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