Womens Red Rose Costume


This Women’s Red Rose Costume is the perfect combination of flirty and fun. Wear this to any event, whether it be for Valentine’s Day or a Halloween Party.

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Flower PowerOne only needs to look on Insta to see that plants and flowers are BIG right now. Like, huge. And while succulents had their moment and some could call 2020 the year of the Monstera, there’s only one flower that can claim its place as a true perennial, time and time again. Who needs trends when you can become a true classic?A red rose is iconic. A red rose whispers of romance. It sings of mysterious floral deliveries from secret admirers. Of Valentine’s Day dinners and honeymoon suites and winter bouquets. It calls to mind late nights walking the streets of Paris, hand in hand, accordion music floating in the background. Maybe we’re waxing poetic, but that’s the thing about a red rose…it inspires romantic ideals and sweeps you off your feet. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then this Women’s Red Rose Costume has your name written all over it (in swirly calligraphy, no less)! Swoon. Product DetailsThis strapless jumpsuit is exclusive to us and styled to perfection! Step into the rose’s stem—by way of green velvety pants—and zip up the petal-adorned bustier-style top. This piece offers the perfect amount of flirty romance, with its rich colors that paint you in pretty tones and its contours that hug your form. This costume requires little accessorizing to be absolutely breathtaking—the finest things in life are often the simplest.Rose to the OccasionWell, we think it’s safe to safe you’ve outdone yourself in terms of Halloween costumes. But why not take this look out on the town for a night? Or to the grocery store? Bloom where you are planted, as they say!

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