Women’s Purple Velvet Witch Booties


Your witch’s costume would not be complete without these stylish Women’s Purple Velvet Witch Booties. These booties are purple velvet all over with a black heel and black laces that tie up on the top.

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Spellbinding StrollEvery witch knows that the true magic is in the details. When you’re stirring up a potion, a single counter-clockwise stroke can make your elixir come out differently than it has a hundred times before. A ribbon in the hair tied with intention can change who comes along your way. Sprinkling a little salt behind you on a walk can block the evil eye. So it makes sense that witches know the importance of adding the little details to a Halloween outfit! If you’re planning on celebrating the spooky season, you’d better walk the witchy walk. Slip your feet into these Salem-style shoes with a luxurious velvet twist. Any spell-caster would approve!  Product DetailsYou don’t have to be a witch to buy these spooky shoes, you just have to dress like one! The twilight purple fabric has a velvet texture that’s sure to add a sense of extravagance to any witch costume. While oversized ribbons tie into bows at the front, the shoes secure with a subtle zipper on the inner side. The pointed toe and curving heel are a nod to the storybook witches we grew up with. Slip these on and you’ll feel fabulous whether you’re a goodie-two-shoes or utterly wicked!

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