Women’s Proud Peacock Costume


Flaunt your tail feathers with the Women’s Proud Peacock Costume! Be a proud peacock with the Women’s Proud Peacock Costume! Shake your tail feather with the Women’s Proud Peacock Costume!

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Steal the SpotlightYou can’t explain it, but the peacock at your local petting zoo seems to have it out for you. When you stroll through to visit the hungry piggies and pet the excitable goats, the attractive bird gets all puffed up. He ruffles his feathers and squawks as loudly as possible, gaining the attention of every patron and zoo animal in the place. At first, you thought maybe by unfurling his tail feathers, he was trying to get your attention too, but when you turned to admire the blues and greens, the silly bird would scream and turn his beauty to other guests. And once he seemed to have gotten what he wanted—none of the animals or even your own companions looking your way—he’d relax into a dance to show off his prized plumage.Enough is enough! Steal back the spotlight! When you’re there with a hand full of hay pellets to share with the other animals, they should be all eyes on you, not the jealous bird with nothing to offer but a pretty picture!Design & DetailsServe peacocks a dose of their own attention-stealing medicine when you dress in this exclusive Proud Peacock Costume! This glistening three-piece ensemble is sure to garner looks the next time you stroll into the petting zoo or (better yet) a costume party. The costume starts with a vibrant blue sequined leotard shaped to fit skin-tight. The included convertible skirt features a printed peacock feather pattern and ties around the waist with coordinating blue satin. Slip the attached elastic loops onto your arms to turn the skirt into theatrical wings that rise and fall with your movements. Complete the look with the included feather crown headband.Splendid ShowBecome the star of the night in this Made By Us Proud Peacock Costume. Add some sophistication to your wild animal group look. Or grab yourself first place in a costume competition. Whether you’re out to upstage actual peacocks or simply looking for a stunning costume option for your Halloween season, this sparkling bodysuit and convertible skirt ensemble is sure to put on a splendid show!

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