Women’s Pretty Pirate Captain Costume


You won’t be spending time scrubbing the deck dressed in this exclusive Pretty Pirate Captain Costume! Watch our scurvy dogs, there is a new Captain on board!

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Getting Those Pieces of EightYou know how to get a job done. You send emails off like a shot. You parlay meetings that no one dares to miss. And at your presentations, everyone knows they’d better listen or walk the plank! For all these reasons, we’re pretty sure you would have made an awesome pirate. If there’s one thing that made certain pirate crews more successful than others, it’s a strong sense of leadership. There’s no room for indecision on a ship. You’re either weathering a storm and heading to Tortuga or you’re hunkering down in Port Royal for one more day. And if you say you’re heading into the eye of the storm, none of your crew should question you. Unless they’ve always wanted to know what it felt like to be marooned, that is. You’re already successful in this day and age, just imagine the booty you’d be burying as a law-breaking buccaneer!Product Details & DesignOur in-house designers have been putting their heads together to create pirate costumes that will break the mold! You’ll feel both timelessly nautical and unique in this captain costume. A gorgeous uncommon look is what you can expect when it comes to our Made-By-Us costumes. This look is layered with a lightweight long-sleeved shirt under the vinyl jacket. A scarf and belt are layered over the blouse and the loose-fitting blue pants. The whole look is topped off with a classic tri-corn hat so you’ll look right at home when you take the helm. Low Tide, High ExpectationsA pirate such as yourself expects a lot from your look. That’s why we’ve designed costumes that can be worn again and again. So suit up and watch yourself transform into this pretty but pernicious pirate you always knew you had inside. Now all you need is a crew, but that shouldn’t be too tough!

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